Welcome, readers! [read: join me, minions]

You’ve made it here, I’ve made it here: The gang’s all here! Congratulations, I’m glad we’ve basically met because you’ve found my life blog. [feel free to check out The Author  for more info about me, as would be expected]

Now, to clarify on the title. I am the twenty-something reader, yours truly. I, therefore, naturally enjoy books and read a bunch. I’ll be writing about that (surprise, surprise). I also spend some time in Boston, and other cities, but mostly Boston. That’ll probably make an appearance as well as other aspects of my life. And finally, Backstreet Boys. This refers to the legendary boy band that everyone in the world, especially my 55-year-old father, loves. It can also refer to the life struggles and joys of the single 20-year-old female [i.e. me].

You can expect a mix of posts, with little clarifications as to what they’re actually about. Like this post! You think it’s me welcoming you to my blog when really it’s me welcoming you to be a follower of mine, in this personal cult I’ve just formed. I promise this isn’t creepy? Do you believe me? I don’t know. Be my friend. Just, welcome.

Happy reading!

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