Inside Out [read: Inside Out Sneha’s emotions though]

I have not gone to the movies in at least 2 months. Which is revolutionary, really, for an AMC Stubs Card Member. So when Phoebe needed to go see Inside Out for her class, I jumped at the chance.

Sidenote: when going to the movies to see a Disney film, though, one must be conscious of his or her surroundings. Turns out that cursing is frowned upon (there were kids there, I know, should’ve known better, blah blah) as is excessive sobbing (applies to most movies). Special shoutout to Phoebe & Sabrina for reminding me and being a good sport as I cried over our communal popcorn swearing like the sailor that I would actually be if I didn’t get seasick.

Inside Out feat. Sneha’s emotions:

  • Joy: kinda always freaking out and running around so I get waves of happiness and joy at random, most likely inappropriate times [read: in the middle of everyone else crying, sometimes I laugh and I just can’t explain it. Down, Joy, down.]
  • Sadness: hugely nostalgic, means well, but winds up reminding me of things like that day my grandpa and I were walking to the playground and I tripped and both my knees were bleeding but I laughed and my grandpa was so scared because it was a wound and we headed back home and oh, well, tears. You’ve done it again, Sadness.
  • Fear: spiders. Enough said.
  • Anger: more like frustration? I’m really awful at emotions, which means that when I’m frustrated I usually cry so no one really knows what’s happening with me. Is she sad? Afraid of something? Really really happy? Usually I’m just a little angry, plot twist?
  • Disgust: this is my faaaavorite mostly because I’m disgusted at something half of the time. That leashed baby out in Disney World? Ew. You really want me to wear that sunburnt orange color? Would rather not look like a tomato, thanks. This one speaks to me.
I relate, Mindy Kaling, I relate (more on that later)
I relate, Mindy Kaling, I relate (more on that later)

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