New Friends in the UK [read: Phoebe still won’t respond to ‘my dear Watson’]

Meet squad in Cambridge, UK:

Backstreet’s Back, Alright (you’re welcome, that’ll be in your head for eternity)
  • Dominique ‘The Klepto’: current Harvard student, enjoys cottage cheese and nothing else, likes hitting up multiple museums in one day (History major), calls herself the ‘spider wrangler,’ once fell asleep wearing khakhis for warmth as these buildings don’t have much insulation (they’re actually older than the United States of America, so we understand), and can read entire books in very short periods of time by sheer determination.
  • Phoebe ‘My Dear Watson’: current UCLA student, enjoys 8-mile walks with me, is the clumsiest person she’s ever met (see her bruised knees, you’ll understand), listens to Alt-J and songs exclusively featured on Guitar Hero, tends to think her hair is frizzy when it’s in really great shape, and eats things with pesto at all times.
  • Sabrina ‘Mom’: current UC Berkeley student, almost always crying (fresh tears as she reads this most likely), enjoys sarcasm and chocolate mini cakes, is watching Netflix when in doubt, typically has to come save me from some sort of decision-making issue and so appears in my room at random moments, and considers herself a flower child (well, I just assumed, since she wears lots of floral).
  • Tiffany ‘Fishbowl Buddy’: current UCLA student, cleans up very well, attends festivals such as EDC and most definitely becomes the coolest person there, also equally makes most people fall in love with her (it’s amazing to watch, really), and is skilled on the multiple people moving in different locations in a panoramic picture situation (you know what I mean).

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