NYC Reunion [read: French model reunion]

A little New York City is good for the soul. I’ve loved the city since Day 1. I was born in New Jersey so in my mind Manhattan was always within reach (now I realize that is false because commuting is a b*tch).

I got back to Boston a few weeks ago and knew that I needed to make a trip down immediately. I hadn’t seen Tiffany in months, or Lela, or Melissa (the fourth of our French model crew). We planned to reunite this year, 2 years after the incident of our namesake occurred.

Fall of 2013 we were walking in Washington Square Park when a journalist spotted us. Very Gossip Girl. She was from France and she wanted pictures of ‘real New Yorkers’ for a magazine back in France. While Lela and I are not from NYC, of course we all agreed and were photographed in front of the fountain. We thought nothing would come of it until we got an email saying that Mag Phosphore printed our picture if we wanted to check it out. And that’s how we became models.

Credits to Mag Phosphore! Warning: I am not the tall blonde one, that's Lela. We just got mixed up so it looks like I care about fashion much more than I actually do, as does Lela about the Freedom Tower.
Credits to Mag Phosphore! Warning: I am not the tall blonde one, that’s Lela. We just got mixed up so it looks like I care about fashion much more than I actually do, as does Lela about the Freedom Tower.

So this trip, we took over NYC as usual but started outside the city at Coney Island. Now, I love piers. I think it’s a personal goal of mine to explore all the piers in the world (okay, not all of them). Navy Pier, Santa Monica Pier, Brighton Pier – check, check, check. And now Coney Island!

My love for piers basically meant the second we got off the subway I was already laughing and crying at the same time because I can’t control my emotions when I get really excited. Piers mean cheese fries and fireworks and unsafe waters and deep pretty sunsets. Coney Island was no different. We went to Nathan’s (as one must) and I had the cheese fries while Lela had a hot dog, which she said was pier-worthy but really subpar. We walked up the boardwalk and down the actual pier as the sun started to set. I messed around with Tiffany’s fisheye lens attachment for the iPhone (an incredible invention) so we could have a real photo shoot as models. Which was quite successful. Melissa reenacted the XO music video in which Beyonce is fabulous, which worked greatly because Melissa is fabulous (follow the hashtag #Melissaisbae for more details).

See? We're models, it's casual.
See? We’re models, it’s casual.

We were walking back to the subway station when we saw a limo pull up and out came a wedding party! So, naturally, we decided to crash it. Well, we tried to, and then we noticed they were just there for the pictures. But wait! There was a block party across the street (their wedding reception? Who knows) and so we danced around just for one song. A great song, though: Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” is a classic.

Our goals for the day were almost accomplished with the pseudo-wedding crashing that occurred, but then we realized we could potentially ride an empty subway car back into the city and get onto the NYC Snapchat story. So we filmed ourselves singing and dancing to XO (song of the night) and submitted it. Unfortunately it was denied. Try and try again, they say, amirite.

One of our many Snapchats of the day. Mid-cheese fry bite. Candids.
One of our many Snapchats of the day. Mid-cheese fry bite. Candids.

So off we went to St. Mark’s for some Thai food, conversation and great company. We also went to Spot, one of the premier dessert destinations in the city [read: heaven] for an incredibly indulgent after-meal celebration. Back at NYU (Melissa and Tiffany are natives of the university) we stayed up laughing until 5 AM because it’s been a while.

Day 2 of NYC involved wandering into a brunch place, very sleepy but somewhat put-together, and getting seated downstairs because we were rowdy college kids who shouldn’t be up top. Well, it’s kinda true. At least no one ordered avocado toast because that would be too basic.

It's definitely still basic brunch. But it was at The Smith which is absolutely fabulous.
It’s definitely still basic brunch. But it was at The Smith which is absolutely delicious.

We bade Lela farewell and Melissa went to get Broadway tickets for ‘Hamilton’ because she’s cool like that. And then there were two. Tiffany and I walked the High Line for a while, until we lost track of time and hiked back to Union Square to finish up some work (I changed my profile picture so it was a productive evening) at Teavana. She’d seen Karlie Kloss there before but no sighting that night. Alas.

We got great pasta after and also stayed up talking. It’s a thing friends do when they’ve known each other for 10 years, moved across the coast, studied abroad multiple times and managed to stay just the same. For some background info: Tiffany and I were editors of our yearbook for our last two years of high school. The babies [read: books; we just call them babies because it takes 9 months to make a yearbook] were wonderful and to this day I would say the most amazing thing I’ve made is the high school book, Flux. Since those days, we’ve been navigating college in our own ways, always a phone call away (mostly to make sure Tiffany doesn’t buy Cocoa Puffs when she’s on a health kick) and just 4 hours by bus.

The next morning (my last few hours in NYC, cry) we went to breakfast at the Grey Dog. Our table had a Boston map on it! Much foreshadowing for the Bostonian traveler. I barely made my bus (it left 45 seconds after I boarded) which gave Tiffany multiple panic attacks, but it was alright. Every minute in the city counts, and I’m glad I got to spend it with her and the models rather than on a packed bus. Plus the people I sat next to both ways were man-spreading and no one needs that. Seriously, men everywhere, please stop.

Called Tiffany from the bus and had a slightly sappy “miss you already” talk before coming back to Boston. Until next time, NYC. You know I can’t stay away for long.

Since 2005.
Since 2005; be back soon.

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