Doing Good [read: being on Good St.]

Doing a shout-out to a pretty cool organization that Tiffany is part of as their Marketing/Graphics Director! {I know, she’s on to big fancy things.} She gets to relive our yearbook days by putting her graphic design skills to work (work work work work) for Good St. ā€“ turning ‘small change into big change.’


I really like the ideology that they have to give a little, just a quarter, every day and have that be a part of your life. It’s a lifestyle decision to give back to others, and Good St. makes it easy to do. Mostly because it’s hard to consistently give, especially to different organizations, and Good St. has expanded my network of philanthropy just over the past couple of months. Plus, it’s a cause that my best friend is extra-passionate about and I love being able to see what the people in my life are doing and support them! You’ll also be hearing more about Tiffany and our 24-hour adventure here in Boston this past weekend soon… That’s right. 24 hours.

So, check them out! The email in the morning that gives you two organizations to choose one to donate to is a big pick-me-up after a late night of studying, or whatever you choose to do with your time as youth in America. 10 out of 10 would recommend, because it doesn’t take more than a quarter and the energy necessary to press a button. And, you can check out some of the fun facts they found out about me this past weekend to talk about how I’m on Good St. too! Happy giving!

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