[Handpicked: April]

This is a new segment on this written show of Sneha’s life. {insert music here} It’s not as morbid as you would think. It’s just the theme of the month: stories of ‘happy’ or ‘awestruck’ tears in honor of April showers, plus I figured I was running out of long nostalgic things to write about so I’d start a thematic anecdotes segment each month. Embarrassing? Could be, but whatever. Here are some self-tear-jerking stories I experienced, from April:

Reading Toni Morrison

This ought to be self-explanatory. Not only is Toni Morrison a mythical, beautiful creature (joking, she is very real and very amazing and beautiful in real life) still rolling today like a boss, but also a poetic writer (probably the reason you actually know her, I’m just a fangirl so I use the first description more). Nearing the end of my course focusing on Toni Morrison and John Edgar Wideman, both pillars of contemporary African-American literature, I had an assigned reading on one of her transcribed essays. In it, she discussed the state of reading/writing and its importance in shaping our world and establishing a harmony that is unparalleled otherwise because it brings minds together in a most intimate setting. This one line, really just the first few lines, struck me:

“There is a certain kind of peace that is not merely the absence of war. It is larger than that. The peace I am thinking of is not at the mercy of history’s rule nor is it a passive surrender to the status quo. The peace I am thinking of is the dance of an open mind when it engages another equally open one – an activity that occurs most naturally, most often in the reading/writing world we live in.”

And then I got to hear her speak in person. Needless to say, it was too much to handle. Lucky to be in her presence.

Reading the news-ishimage4 (1)

Rohini, former roommate turned San Francisco local, sent me an article published in The New York Times titled, “When a Feminist Pledges a Sorority.” This was the afternoon after our morning initiation. I had woken up at 6 A.M. for initiation and had already burst into sleepless hysterics by the time I received this article, so it’s no surprise it drove me to tears. I encourage you all to read it because it recognizes sorority life almost exactly through my feelings and perceptions. I haven’t read a source, let alone an unaffiliated one and on The New York Times [read: bae of journalism Op-Eds], this spot on about my experience. We stand as women’s organizations to support each other and individuals today continue breaking apart the traditional notion of a sorority from the inside out, and that is where I see our community going. That is why I’m serving as President of the Panhellenic Council here. Some validation never hurt.

Breaking down the patriarchyimage5

I posted the aforementioned Times article on my social media and ran into multiple people on the same day who normally bother me, and see sorority life as pointless, who said, “I read the article you posted and it was an interesting read. I hadn’t thought of it that way at all and now I get it a little more.” Preconceived notions and complacency are some of the toughest attitudes to break, to open people up to understand your side. Somehow, I had been able to reach some of those people. I had been able to inform them about how I feel about a major part of my life, one that many disagree with, and get them to see some of my side. That was a big (probably seems small) win.

Finishing a semester as President

This past week, we closed out the Spring Semester with Panhellenic at our last general body meeting. My treasurer brought us all little carnations and before you knew it, just take a wild guess, I was laughing/crying at the same time. I don’t know what it is? Maybe I’m just really happy to be done with a semester? Maybe it’s great to see the direction we’re headed in and the fact that we’re getting there slowly? Or maybe it was the free pizza later? Either way, there I was, tears streaming down my face as everyone on executive board realized that Sharon (VP of Membership) and I had traded places because normally she’s the crier. Tables turn.

image3 (4).JPG
News: I’m officially a senior now. *nervous laughter* Photo by Joanne DeCaro Afornalli

In all seriousness, this semester has been a crazy one. A memorable one, by all means. I’ve been trying to run outside, I tried playing piano again, and I read Finnegans Wake (no, I won’t stop talking about it). I stepped into Panhellenic without a clue in the world, or so I thought. I got hired (!!!) and you’ll hear more about it in the fall. I decided I was confident enough not to get FOMO and skipped formal, no regrets. I guess I’m growing up a little more everyday. Well, I think I am, and then these random tears keep me on the ground as the twenty-something I am. Oh well, happy almost May!

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