Shuffling Summers [read: where am I?]

[read: currently in Boston, previously in Sarasota, that’s the clear answer]

Here’s the longer one – moving back and forth so much in the past month had me taking a break and reconsidering a bunch. Like a lot. Never fear, though, I’m here to catch you up on the happenings of the past month!

13237856_10206948048283436_7003162308539192178_nLeg 1: Florida for the shortest amount of time, not including Thanksgiving break. 

This break was n-e-c-e-ssary. I moved out and flew straight home in one day with the help of my #papaPandya and subsequently passed out in the Florida heat. Unfortunately, the semester didn’t end there as I spent the next few mornings at the newly-renovated Gulf Gate Library, check it out, writing my final paper on Finnegans Wake. Then, we officially had freedom. Freedom looked like daily beach days, sometimes also pool days, a few trips to the movies (10/10 would recommend both “The Jungle Book” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” but only if they follow with Indian and Greek food, respectively), late nights watching more movies (pretty much just “Meet the Patels” twice, but it’s for research so it’s okay), and spending some much needed time with family and friends.

Blu Kouzina in St. Armand’s Circle has bakalava, ask for it and I promise you’ll have no regrets.

Happy to have gone home, caught up with so many wonderful people {cheesy, I know}, and recharged. Even driving in my car Geo makes all the difference after the hardest semester I’ve had at Northeastern, but that’s okay. Onwards to senior year! *shudder*

13239262_10206948051643520_5446619136964747509_nLeg 2: Back to Boston for the longest amount of time of any summer, ever. 

And then I moved to Back Bay. Which is kinda goals, if you’ve ever been to Boston, because it’s charming and Whole Foods-y and full of young professionals. My apartment even has exposed brick. Who would’ve thought? The past two weeks have consisted of semi-regular runs (!!!), occasional couch-surfing, getting allergies by sitting under trees, and starting my research. I’m back so early to Boston, parting with my beloved Southern summers, so I can spend my days on two research projects. The first is the first & second phase of my thesis, focusing on Jhumpa Lahiri and Salman Rushdie. The second is currently awaiting approval to work with human subjects, so it’s a secret. I’ll tell ya about it later once it’s all cleared. Nothing crazy, I promise. But it is exciting to be back in this city for my first summer here. Every year after Spring semester I was ready to go abroad {Italy, Ireland, England, you name it} but this year was different. Before I graduate, I wanted to be able to say I saw the daylight at the end of the terrible winter’s tunnel that is Boston summer. I always got a peek of it with 2 weeks of spring before leaving, as residents crowded the streets running with their dogs, having picnics, and being perfect.

We walked over to the North End, through the Common, all the way from Back Bay. It’s a Bostonian’s dream. [read: the Freedom Trail-ish]
All I want this summer is to say I’ve kayaked down the River Charles, so bucket list to come soon. Now’s that chance; let’s get excited for new things to come this summer, maybe even some changes to this blog? We’re quickly approaching the 1-year-anniversary of this site (what?!) so stay tuned for that too!

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