Bob Dylan Needs No Introductions [read: return to Tanglewood]

You ever have those weekends with friends when you realize the real way to maximize your time together is to literally spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together? It just makes it easier. Cuts out the middle man, the 15 minute walk back to grab clothes, the individual need for space. Sharon, an avid reader of this blog as well as personal friend, and I embarked on one of those weekends, and I’ve got a little report on it for you all if you’ve been dying to test your friendships.

To start, Sharon just went vegan. In her quest for this new lifestyle, she has scoped out all the vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Boston that will accommodate the both of us and become our new ‘promised lands’ in the area. First stop: Veggie Galaxy. Ranked one of Boston’s best restaurants, located in Central Square, Veggie Galaxy is all about keeping the Jersey diner vibe while replacing everything meaty with veggies. The promised land, indeed.

Sharon and I stopped by for dinner one night and knew we had to come back for brunch to kick off our weekend together. We’d had snacks and drinks with her sister the night before in Harvard Square, so we needed the morning after feast that Veggie Galaxy made perfectly vegan. We both got the stuffed french toast, though hers was topped with strawberries and mine with coconut milk whipped cream. That’s right. Whipped cream made out of coconut milk. Have mercy.

Also a vegan glazed sangria donut. Yes, sangria donut. Look it up.

We spent the rest of the day preparing for a return trip to Tanglewood, this time seeing Mavis Staples and Bob Dylan & the Band out in the middle of the Berkshires. The last time I went to Tanglewood, we sat outside on a sunlit lawn and this time we were going for a night show – a real concert. As we got there, naturally we stacked up on snacks and (veggie) meals for a nice picnic.

Sharon’s vegan tofu from Whole Foods was the star of the day.

Mavis Staples put on an amazing set that pumped up the audience. For a second it seemed as though Bob Dylan wouldn’t come on stage, until he started singing. No hello. No “Hey I’m Bob Dylan and this is the band and we’re playing some songs for you tonight!” followed by unnecessary hype cheers. Bob Dylan just sang. And boy, you could hear that Duquesne whistle blowin’. With that we realized Bob Dylan really needs no introductions.

The summer home of the Symphony is a pretty romantic place when Bob Dylan’s there with you.

Nor does he say any good-byes. He finished the set, a huge mix of songs on a chilly summer night, and quietly left the stage. I think it was the most ‘Bob Dylan’ thing to ever happen. The bus ride back took longer than we’d anticipated, driving the 3 hours back to Boston, so Sharon and I quite literally passed out upon return.

Sometimes, all you need is some time out of the city.

The next morning, we caught up with Carrie, another executive board member, for a second brunch. We went to Five Horses Tavern, also vegan/vegetarian friendly (!), and counted down the 2 weeks until my birthday. More to come on that, who knows what’s in store? The good old 21, and the upcoming one-year anniversary of this site! Oh the times, they are a-changin’.


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