[Handpicked: September 2016]

Is that a gust of wind I feel? Break out the scarves, Pumpkin Spice Latte is back and so is fall in the Northeast. Okay, but only a little because it’s still sweltering hot every other day. Very confusing, hot and cold, yes and no, leaving us wondering what it’ll be like on the regular. Might as well try to make some sense of it, then?

Oakleaf Cakes, Vegan Chocolate Aztec Cookies

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Sharon and I stumbled upon these literal goodies over the summer as I lived directly above this local bakery and cafe [read: still in silent mourning over leaving my Back Bay apartment]. The cookies are a little hot/spicy for the summer, but perfect for a chilly morning when you’re commuting to work and avoiding the rain. This month, we celebrated the birthdays of a few of our executive board members and I arranged to bring these cookies in for our still (!) vegan Sharon, bringing back memories of our long summer walks to B.U. and Tanglewood trips. Emily, our beautiful adviser, was surprised we brought her this beautiful cake [read: why would she be surprised? We adore her] from Oakleaf as well. I think the cookies are a better fit for the fall, paired with a little nostalgia and skim milk if you’re willing to break from veganism for a hot second. Cake, have it all year around, celebrate good times, c’mon. Sing it. Or don’t, I can’t tell you what to do.

Tavern in the Square Thursdays

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Our fascination with B.U. led us to their version of Our House East, Northeastern’s best college bar, all the way in Allston. A TITS Thursday, yes that is what it’s called, warrants a trip over to Allston. I asked both Sharon and Franzi for a fun night out in Allston, now that Franzi’s moved to Brighton and is much closer, to see what it’s all about. Franzi and I have frequented only on a Tuesday and Friday, but never the famous Thursday night. Be prepared to brave a line, come in heels to a roomy bar, and dance to a great mix of songs that each only last about 45 seconds long. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch your favorite line. If you’re not, too bad. College bars are college bars wherever you go, and the Tavern is no different. I still have Backstreet Boys stuck in my head from last week.

rupi kaur at TEDxKansasCity

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I’ve [Handpicked] her work milk and honey before, often reading it before going to bed. She speaks to us all, especially women of color and fellow Indian Americans, as our older sister, gracefully vulnerable. Her TEDx talk, ‘I’m Taking My Body Back’, is up online, filled with a spoken word story she memorized and prepared for the night and I recommend you curl up with a laptop, on one of these fall rainy days, and just watch and listen. It is humbling to be in her presence, through the screen, and hear her spill herself into her story and enchantingly relay its transformation in a way that is haunting and comforting together. I think of her as a storyteller before thinking of her as an author or a poetess. She excels in everything she does, but the fact that she shares along the way, from no compulsion than the need to write, is what I truly appreciate. As always, thank you.

Blo Bar, South End

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I’m a big fan of making hair easy. Two years ago, I went to Blo Bar to get my hair done before my first ever semi-formal (why it took me so long to go to a semi-formal beats me too). Then, I asked for the “Holly Would” because I rarely ever curled my hair. Trust is a difficult thing to establish with hair – to this day, I only ever get my hair cut in Florida. For Panhellenic Recruitment, I decided to go back with Becky (Vice President of Recruitment, so most stressed human of September) and my “Pillowtalk” hair stayed perfectly curled all weekend long. Trust established, Blo Bar, because you helped me look fabulous while keeping my sorority identity a secret (pictured here with another sister, sneaking a pic outside our chapter’s recruitment room).

Beyoncé ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, “***Flawless”

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F-E-M-I-N-I-S-T. Beyoncé making me want to get that tattooed right now. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie being the rockstar contributor to this track as she is. And you know I love them both. I love how Adichie’s words are immediately amplified, taken from a TEDx talk titled ‘We should all be feminists’. My favorite part is Adichie telling it as it is, “We say to girls, ‘You can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful, otherwise you will threaten the man.'” Like, damn. What I’d do to hear this in real life. I’ve also clearly been into the TED talks this month, as my office has been planning TEDxBoston for this September. Sep-TED-mer? I tried. After spending the month with some fellow awesome feminists, I wanted to feature their flawless selves too.

September went by really fast, and it seems that fall is already here. Oh, autumn. We all love fall, but it’s been a bit windy here in Boston and I think I’m already missing summer a little. Cheers to my one summer here so far in the city, and to another season: apples, mauve, and crunchy leaves to come.

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