Spooky Strolls [read: October as the leaves change color]

Sharon and I were supposed to do a lot of things this weekend that we didn’t do. Nope, instead we decided to go for a nice long walk. It’s been hitting the low 50s here (in degrees!) and it’s a nice transition from a summer full of heat waves to start wearing a scarf, getting a hot apple cider, and walking the city.

So it all started with a Buzzfeed quiz. All summer, you know that Sharon and I have wandered our way over to BU more than a few times, constantly in awe of how pretty it is and immediately denying that we liked it because they’re our sole arch nemesis at NU. When we took the quiz, guess which street was Sharon’s spirit animal? Or, I guess, spirit street? None other than home to BU, Commonwealth Avenue. I chuckled.

dsc_0789This Saturday, the weather was beautiful (pretty similar to in Miss Congeniality, it was the perfect date) and the stars aligned for us to embark on a six-mile spooky stroll, finding our spirit streets along the way. I call it spooky since it falls in the month of October, so everything’s relatively spooky. We love the spooks.

And then we just walked. Well, first, we stocked up on Pavement bagels and my favorite evergreen tea latte (from the Newbury location though, because our Gainsborough location didn’t have the ingredients and I’m still a little salty about it), before walking to the Common. Sharon squealed at the sight of any dog or baby, which paired well with a relatively silent day in the city. Even though it was such a beautiful Saturday morning, for some reason, the Common wasn’t as packed as I expected it to be. That gave us some time to pick a bench and sit and laugh. Also, we needed to sit since Sharon slept strangely on Friday night and strained her neck/may have pinched a nerve slightly, so minimal physical exertion was optimal.

We agreed we’d take photos and yet… 

dsc_0834-1Then, we strolled up towards Beacon Hill, a part of the city I’ve never explored! I thought I’d seen enough of Beacon Hill through the State House, and the rumors that the president of our university lives in a town house up there, but then Sharon led me down some cobblestone-brick combo paths and I found my new favorite part of Boston. I also reunited with my spirit street, Acorn Street, curving up towards the hill with a cobblestone road. It was… magical.

Commonwealth Ave, Sharon in street form, extends from Beacon Hill all the way over to BU so we had to make our usual trek down down to our favorite spot. This was a long walk, though, and we missed the sustenance so we walked back up the esplanade and across the Mass. Ave bridge to our usual go-to Veggie Galaxy to bring blood sugar levels back to normal. And we wandered back to NU to go our separate ways.

Not much happened on this stroll, besides some chatting and silly laughing. I don’t think I can even remember of most of what we were talking about (sorry, Sharon). But we had such a wonderful time, being outside and together, that it’s one of my favorite autumn memories. A good start to October, to weather changes, to forgoing the T a little longer before it’s the only acceptable mode of transportation in the snow.

I stole Sharon’s spirit street a little, just for a sneak pic.

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