S&TC Turns 21! [read: Tiffany caught up]

Another year, another set of birthdays to attend. After a summer full of them, we finally hit the fall and Tiffany’s big 2-1 in New York City. This time, she asked pretty far in advance so I didn’t have to run across Grand Central, hop on the 6, and make it to surprise her 2 minutes before her church dinner. And, we even planned some travel time to get me back to Boston to avoid the annual panic attack of ‘almost missing the transportation’ I booked. Oh and that transportation this time? A train. No bus. A real wholesome train. I am never going back to the bus route, but more on that later since it was a Handpicked highlight of this month.

This snapshot started with an early train ride from Back Bay right into Penn Station. I lucked out; only one person sat next to me for a total of two stops. And then I lucked out again because Alexis and I found out we had 2 hours of overlap from the remainder of her trip to NYC working for Conan (!!!) so naturally she met me at the station. Wow, I missed her and her oversized denim jacket fashion. We hadn’t seen each other since May (as we spend our summers together for every waking moment) so we needed to catch up then and now.

We took a cab straight to St. Mark’s for Tiffany’s birthday brunch at David’s. It is rumored that she knows David himself, mostly because she called to make a reservation. Alexis and I were starved, so we pregamed with PB&J and maple-chocolate-walnut donuts right next door until we found Tiffany. Screaming, “Birthday! Birthday!” we walked over to her and her friends from freshman year. Piled into one corner booth for 12, we cheers’d to Tiffany getting her ID checked and apple rose sangria. Pronounced “rose-ay” because it’s the wine, but Tiffany needed the clarification.

Look at this Florida rando.

Alexis had to catch her flight back to Florida way too soon, so we parted ways and then I went back with Melissa and Tiffany to Union Square. Of course, we bought her a sash (decided against the tiara) and watched Sex & the City (the movie!) to prepare for a night out. Sad our fourth Lela couldn’t join us this time around; she’s been too busy moving on up in the world of fashion.

That night, we had dinner at The Park NYC. It’s not on Park Ave, but it’s got a park in it and we think that’s the origin of the name. Mel and I split a gourmet meal of fries and cheese pizza, while we all shared some cosmopolitans. See, 6 years ago, Tiffany and I were at our end-of-year yearbook banquet at Chart House on Longboat Key. We looked at the drink menu that night and giggled that we’d come back when we were 21 and have some cosmos. We’ve referenced that moment over the past few years and even though we weren’t at Chart House, it finally came full circle. The rest of the night was a normal 21st, out at Slate NY and Tiffany’s fancy party, celebrating all night.

The next morning, Mel convinced Tiffany that I needed better bagels than last time. I loved Ess-a-Bagel, but Murray’s Deli gave them a run for their money. We caught up on our lives and the weekend that morning, really just relaxing at NYU. Then, Tiffany and I trekked across the city and over the bridge into Brooklyn. My first time in Brooklyn! We had to see DUMBO, and it was so worth it. It was also a beautiful day? The luck just kept on going. We even got this guy, who I’m pretty sure was a fiance at a bridal photoshoot, to take a Polaroid shot of us by the water. It’s pretty funny because Tiffany’s holding his coffee so he could take the picture, and his fiance (I assume?) is in the background. Still, a good snapshot.

We split a crepe and some apple cider, with a whole cinnamon stick because ’tis the season, at a Brooklyn cafe before coming back over to NYU. Tiffany had a meeting, so I infiltrated Stern for an hour. And then we grabbed dinner with some of my friends from Boston at Juniper, only a 5-minute walk from Penn Station. Even though we were so close, Tiffany still got antsy. It was like we were on a double date with my friends, Neel and Virginia, because we’ve maintained long-distance for quite some time. No running back to the station this time, and I had Neel to accompany me back! At 2 AM, we rolled into Boston having stayed up the whole time on the train (of course) though we promised we’d sleep at some point. Deliriously, I went to work the next day. So, a big cheers to everyone having made the big 2-1 and some pretty memorable moments from a weekend, as usual, in NYC! Honestly, I have to keep thinking about just staying there. Maybe next time.

We tried, okay, we tried. Here’s to everyone being 21 AKA havoc.

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