Summer in Winter [read: annual visits, climate change is real]

Starting the new year just how I ended the last one: by the water, knowing a pineapple’s dropping in the distance, within 20 minutes from my house. It’s kind of an annual thing?

img_3354This quick visit to the SRQ fell on Christmas Eve (first time flying on that day, not as hectic as all the Christmas movies promised, 5/10 stars) so I spent the first two days lounging at home. Watched Love Actually and Elf at least twice each. Christmas well spent. And got my parents matching Northeastern quarter-zips because even though we may be graduating, and it may be 80 degrees outside, woof go Huskies!

Post-Christmas plans went into catching up with Tiffany, Melissa, and Lela on the 26th for Sarasota’s Santa Stumble [read: impromptu, definitely uncalled for, high school reunion]. That’s right, folks, we were out on the town bar crawlin’ the day after Christmas. As was the rest of my graduating class of 2013. So we stayed at Daiquiri Deck the whole night, talking post-grad plans and anticipating this should adequately replace a 5-year reunion anyways so it’s worth it.

Besides that, it’s been a flurry of doctor’s appointments and and anticipating the new year. 2016 has taken its toll on us all, so we’re more than ready to get it over with. We’ve also got climate change (and more of it, most likely) to deal with, as I noticed with the one ‘full day’ of winter we got here in the SRQ. It was about 60 degrees for half a day last week. So, there ya go. Climate change is real.

img_3463The most notable part of my break was probably finding the one ~aesthetic~ place there is now in Sarasota. A year ago, The Clever Cup opened and we are all so grateful. Located in Gulf Gate, it’s closer than the other coffee shops people like to Instagram from and it has free wi-fi, a plethora of outlets, and some yummy frosted mint mocha lattes. They come in mason jars. I was there about 86% of the time, working on some up and coming stuff!

Also, it was a wonderful opportunity to be a tourist. We went to St. Armand’s Circle, famed for its closeness to Lido Beach and the Kilwin’s mint chocolate chip ice cream. Alexis’ favorite restaurant [read: site of her annual birthday dinners] is Columbia, founded in 1905 in Ybor City. Tiffany and I went with her after a day spent at the Ringling, finally, and highly recommend everything on the menu.

More on Ringling: don’t make the mistake I made of going 16 years without checking it out. I’m not fully sure how I avoided it up until now (it is the biggest attraction in Sarasota next to Siesta Key Beach) but it definitely was the highlight of my break. From Spanish mansions to rose gardens to circus museums and then contemporary art, this place is a dream. You can find me there on the regular these upcoming breaks, vacations, or just long-term moving in if they give me a chance. Who knows? With post-grad life, there just might be something out there.

Until next time, dear SRQ, I’ll be seeing you. As always, it was great to ring in the new year at home, with friends and family.

Is it bad luck to hang out with the pineapple before it drops?

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