[Handpicked: April 2017]

Spring has finally sprung! That being said, it’s still raining so I don’t particularly go outside any more than I did in the winter. Oh well, the thought is nice. Also, as the semester wraps up, I’m finding my time here winding down day by day. Graduation inches closer, I get older, everyone cries [read: just me] and it’s only April.

Juice, Brighton Music Hall

image6Eesha and I went to a Juice Concert for their last big concert together in Boston. They’re a band out of Boston College (most of the audience was from BC too which was both cute and freaky) playing jazz funk covers and originals. Eesha once performed alongside them in 2015 so we were pretty excited to be back. With ShockTop in hand, a pineapple getting passed around in the audience, and a cover of “Gold Digger” by Kanye West filling up the encore, I’d say it was a great night. Boston’s various bands and venues are literally what’s made my undergrad time here so great. I’d recommend Brighton Music Hall to anybody any day. Have a few more concerts lined up (from Laura Marling to Boston Calling) so you can get excited about those as I hype myself up too. I’m only giving you guys this sneak peek on what I’ll be writing about soon because I’ve barely posted this year. I know, I’m sorry, I’ll work on it.

“Good People” by David Foster Wallace

I did it! I got over my apprehension to read DFW (fueled on by assumptions that only white bros read him) and finally picked up one of his short stories. We can thank my Introduction to Literary Studies class for this, making me put on my last group presentation of undergrad. “Good People” was a great choice, I’ll say. DFW rambles much as I do, in his writing, giving us this sense of uneasiness and conversational perspective from Lane. We hear a young Christian kid contemplate the meaning of his girlfriend getting an abortion, or deciding otherwise, but grappling with supporting her and understanding pro-choice or pro-life stances. He sits on a picnic bench as he thinks to himself, overwhelms himself, and fails to understand her. My professor aptly noted how the scene was just like a teenage break-up, watching everything go by and trying to concentrate on anything except the reason why you’re there. It’s short, and you can read it in The New Yorker.

On Campus Events

I haven’t been out into the city a lot this month, so I’ll just chronicle my on campus events instead. It’s not much of a recommendation. Really just a reflection. But here you go!

  1. Lessons on Faith & Activism, by the Students Against Institutional Discrimination, was a pretty standout event for me this semester. Hearing from Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Buddhist activists on a panel had me feeling inspired when it came to doing the work and building community.
  2. My last Tea Party left me with the superlative, “Most Likely to Become President of the United States,” and that was pretty rad.
  3. Thesis defenses are definitely as terrifying as they sound but even more gratifying. About a year and a half’s worth of work is complete!
  4. Finally made it out to a fraternity formal with my friend Vishal. Mostly went for the food, but also some good times.
  5. Nataraj 2017 (Nataraj High) has come and gone! After a semester of choreographing, teaching, and training for our Seniors dance, we’ve performed it on stage and we are closer to graduating as a group! It was quite a night for the South Asian community at Northeastern.
  6. Listening to Rahsaan Hall of the ACLU of Massachusetts talk about the criminal injustice system was a privilege.
  7. Panhellenic was nominated for a Student Life Award! And my successor, Payton, won an inaugural student leader of the year award! And they had brie toast! [read: highlight was definitely the brie toast]
  8. Senior goodbyes in my sorority are a weeklong affair and I’m glad I was able to go and spend this last week with everyone. L&L
  9. The Huntington 100 is an alumni group of students at NU who stay engaged in our community even after graduation. Happy to be named to the group this year!
  10. Northeastern University Political Review Spring magazine is out, get a copy while it’s hot off the press. My column is in there, just in case if you needed a reason.

A lot more is going to go on this month, but I think I’ll include that in my college wrap-up post (if I ever get to it, because emotions) instead of on here. Thanks for sticking with me! Hope you’re enjoying spring too!

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