A Big Welcome, Fall [read: finally]

I know, I know. It’s already the end of the summer for many of you and I’ve barely put summer recommendations out into the world. I wasn’t lying when I said I’d be a little off-the-grid while studying! Still, now that the seasons have changed, I’d like to just provide a snapshot of summer in these early days of fall [read: it feels like summer up here, so none of this is out of place] before getting into a new season of reading, blogging and living here in Boston:

This was a summer of kayaking:

IMG_6708I don’t know if I can say I’m an avid kayaker after going out on the Charles River approximately three times but why not? I can now navigate the little canal made to look like Venice, Italy by the gondoliers who take tourists under Esplanade running bridges, when before I could only kayak in circles hoping not to capsize. You win some, you lose some. But what I’ve learned is that I can get back outside, enjoy the fresh water, and get a good arm workout in all while paddling by the Boston skyline on a beautiful, nontoxic river in little to no time. Everyone should go kayaking in Boston. Try to catch a kayak out before the weather officially changes. I would recommend stopping through Kendall Square Cinema after you go for a trip on the Charles because it’s the perfect way to unwind and support local, independent theatres.

This was a summer of cruising:

IMG_6236My midsummer break was going on a short open ocean cruise down to Key West and Cozumel with all of the family in one boat. Now, in advance, I was a bit worried about keeping us all on the same floor of the same ship with no real escape. But, having all the cousins together with weird shenanigans was so nice. We scoped out the southernmost point of the mainland United States, snorkeled in beautiful blue waters, and played one too many games of Mafia (where we learned that my niece is a ruthless murderer when given the chance). On top of everything, though, it was a well-deserved break from studying up in Boston to get to go home to Florida and cruise down the Gulf of Mexico. And I got to go home to see the eclipse! While only 80% eclipsed, it was a sight to see and I wouldn’t have gotten to go had I not decided to go on a cruise with my crazy family.

This was a summer of birthdays:

IMG_6528That should really just be singular ‘birthday’ (n.) because I’m referring to my birthday. But I didn’t want to ruin the subheadline vibe on this post, so here you go. I turned 22! And I didn’t write about it in its own post! I suppose that’s what growing up really means. No need to be the center of attention on a blog post that you write about yourself in a blog about you. No, no, spread the love. It was a birthday in Boston, again, filled with fun friends, Mexican food, walks along the Esplanade, speakeasy drinks, and Mexican brunch. Double the Mexican food, that’s right. And some friends with surprises in hand! A good birthday, another year around the sun, and hopefully the start of a year devoted to meandering back to the things I really love. I think I’ve spent the past few years letting life just get in the way of what I used to love to do. I played piano before, I used to enjoy morning runs uphill, I read so much more than I do now and than I was able to do all summer. Maybe 22 will bring me back to some of that. Anyways, cheers!

This was a summer of moving:

IMG_6973…into my first real apartment! I’m on a lease! On Beacon Hill! It’s a big dream come true. Luckily, my walk to work is a pleasant 10-minute hillside stroll between the brownstones and their little pristine gardens. My roommates are probably the definition of roommate goals, friend goals, good vibes only, let’s do nachos tonight. Many definitions, two people, great times. And my little room is so cute, on the fifth floor, that I am so happy to call this my first little apartment. Emphasis on the little but it’s already got a big spot in my heart. After a summer of having to move to two different short-term apartments, I’m so thankful to finally be settled into my own place. Now… to buy some fancy large-knit blankets, maybe a few throw pillows, some nice air conditioning, and the place will be in great shape. Or I could save a ton of money and keep it as it is, to be determined.

This was a summer of adulting:

IMG_6056I started a job! Degree in hand, summer complete, I am now working for the government and supporting the people of the state. It’s pretty awesome. I won’t be talking much about work at all, though, because it’s quite a bit confidential but I truly love what I do and the people I work with. They’re all brilliant, kind, and a little bit awkward so work is interesting every day. We do really good work, so I’m happy about that. And I bring my lunch to work every day! Like an adult! I pack it before I go, make sure I get in my morning run, and call Tiffany for my morning walk to work. It’s a whole new world now as an adult, and I am happy to say it’s off to a good start. I intend to write more about navigating this crazy journey onto adulthood after graduating, but right now I’m trying to figure it out for myself. Will report back with more details when relevant, you know?

Apologies for the late updates, but I do think some fun changes are to come to this site! I’m hoping to get back into writing about my life but also the things I care about on a regular basis. Now that I have time again, I think it’ll be more possible. But, thanks for being patient, and happy reading!

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