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My name is Sneha Pandya and I had just turned 20 the day I decided to start this site. So far, so good, I’d say. There really is no smooth way to enter the decade of blind dates, midnight quesadillas, and everyone you know visiting China at some point. Gracefully, I remember looking at my fallen quesadilla in front of a food truck on my birthday thinking to myself, “Hmm, now how did I get here?” That is when I looked at four of my friends, who stared back at me and just said, “Dude. You dropped your quesadilla.”

I digress.

Being a twenty-something is something like being asked to juggle quite a few random objects (like bottles, live animals, fire, you name it) while blindfolded on a public stage. It can definitely be fun, for you and everyone else, but it’s got its fair share of low points too.

Right now, I’m juggling a lot of the time. I’m not particularly good at it, but I’ve essentially got classes, friends, parents, birds, massive climate change, and more unnecessary thoughts all buzzing past my head. Surprisingly, I keep most of these things in the air. Unsurprisingly, I drop things sometimes. That’s okay. It’s what you keep steady throughout that stays the same, and that maintains your balance.

It’s that balance that I’m going to talk about because I promise you don’t want to hear about the juggle struggle.

Context. Every night I read. Actually, correction: every day and night I read. Give me a book, and I devour it. It’s a well-developed skill when you’re an English major who’s been obsessed with words since she could speak. Flashback Friday — earliest memories include books, that would arrive with family members every Monday for me to read. I’d read them for the week and wait for the next one. That grew into the nerdiest pastime I’ve ever had in which I went to the library on a weekly basis with a random number in mind (12? 9? 22? Taylor Swift?) and picked up the same amount of books. Luckily, that’s part of my education now and it’s a little less filled with young adult fiction (though I’ll always love you, Sarah Dessen).

If you can’t tell, in my spare time I’m mostly reading. I am also relatively social as an extrovert (I’ve tried to claim I’m an outgoing introvert, but my friends refuse to talk to me when we start that conversation and I need them around like all the time, so I’ve accepted my extrovertedness). Don’t worry, I have friends. They’re all over the States and some over the world, but we manage to stay in touch mostly because I have to talk a lot and they’re wonderful people who listen. Also, my parents are silly and you’ll see references to them in most of my posts.

I like pineapples, being Miranda Priestley [read: basically Anna Wintour] from The Devil Wears Prada, mixing up my languages, bluegrass, jetting off to random locations (in theory), good company, and sunshine. I dislike vampires, unsweetened iced tea, most bugs, snow/humidity/extreme weather conditions, moving (over and over again in college, why), and too much caramel.

So, moving forward. Keep up with me here! I am hilarious, in my mind, sometimes, depending on the day, probably the weather, and my mood. So, really, it’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll be funny. Stick around, we’ll see what happens.

You’ve made it here, I’ve made it here: The gang’s all here! Congratulations, I’m glad we’ve basically met because you’ve found my life blog.

Now, to clarify on the title. I am the twenty-something reader, yours truly. I, therefore, naturally enjoy books and read a bunch. I’ll be writing about that (surprise, surprise). I also spend some time in Boston, and other cities, but mostly Boston. That’ll probably make an appearance as well as other aspects of my life. And finally, Backstreet Boys. This refers to the legendary boy band that everyone in the world, especially my 56-year-old father, loves. It can also refer to the life struggles and joys of the single 20-year-old female [i.e. me]. Though I’m about to be 21 soon. We’ll see how that goes.

You can expect a mix of posts, with little clarifications as to what they’re actually about. Like this post! You think it’s me welcoming you to my blog when really it’s me welcoming you to be a follower of mine, in this personal cult I’ve just formed. I promise this isn’t creepy? Do you believe me? I don’t know. Be my friend. Just, welcome.

Happy reading!


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