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My name is Sneha Pandya and I had just turned 20 the day I decided to start this site. So far, so good. There really is no smooth way to enter the decade of blind dates, midnight quesadillas, and everyone you know visiting China at some point. Gracefully, I remember looking at my fallen quesadilla in front of a food truck on my 20th birthday thinking to myself, “Hmm, now how did I get here?” That is when I looked at four of my friends, who stared back at me and just said, “Dude. You dropped your quesadilla.”

At the time, I was living in that in-between of not knowing what you’re doing 70% of the time but knowing you should get it together for the remaining 30%. Unmotivated, and in college, I studied abroad hoping it would make me a real person. Anyone who says studying abroad will make you an adult clearly never did that because it, in many ways, has the opposite effect. You’re suddenly transported to magical fairy lands, taking classes you love, traveling on the weekends in search of the perfect gelato, and somehow advancing toward your college degree.

My wake up call was that fallen quesadilla. I’d been boppin’ around for a few months at that point and still just as haphazard as the day I stepped off the plane. Post-foam party, now a twenty-something, I started reevaluating. How did we get here? What were we doing? The first person I thought of who had it all together by this point in her life was Rory Gilmore. She was goals. Smart, fun, caring, silly, fast-paced, witty, talented, relaxed, Rory had it all. How did she do it?*

I still don’t have the answer to that. But I’m trying to figure it out. So I started reading all of her alleged read books, you can read more about them on [the rory gilmore challenge] page. I’ve been reading my whole life and I’d say I’m still average on the scale of being an adult. Worth a shot. You can read about the rest of my life under the [genres] page.

So, moving forward. Keep up with me here! I am hilarious, in my mind, sometimes, depending on the day, probably the weather, and my mood. So, really, it’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll be funny. For what it’s worth, it’s been 2 years since I started this blog and we’re still trying to figure it out. Stick around, we’ll see what happens.

*this is not a blind endorsement of the entire show, though, because I wish it better represented people of color and delved into an explanation of the capitalist underpinnings of Luke and Lorelai’s coffee-transaction-based relationship.

You’ve made it here, I’ve made it here: The gang’s all here! Congratulations, I’m glad we’ve basically met because you’ve found my life blog.

Now, to clarify on the title. I am the twenty-something reader, yours truly. I, therefore, naturally enjoy books and read a bunch. I’ll be writing about that (surprise, surprise). I also spend some time in Boston, and other cities, but mostly Boston. That’ll probably make an appearance as well as other aspects of my life. And finally, Backstreet Boys. This refers to the legendary boy band that everyone in the world, especially my 56-year-old father, loves. It can also refer to the life struggles and joys of the single 20-year-old female [i.e. me]. Though I’m about to be 21 soon. We’ll see how that goes.

You can expect a mix of posts, with little clarifications as to what they’re actually about. Like this post! You think it’s me welcoming you to my blog when really it’s me welcoming you to be a follower of mine, in this personal cult I’ve just formed. I promise this isn’t creepy? Do you believe me? I don’t know. Be my friend. Just, welcome.

Happy reading!

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