[The Rory Gilmore Challenge]

Everybody’s favorite reader has read a lot, and now I’m going to do that too, because sanity is really something we’ve all let go of at this point. As much as one might aspire to be Rory Gilmore, I’ll be trying to read Rory Gilmore’s reads and see how close I get. Here goes nothing?


A place for recommendations, personal picks, trends, jokes, headlines, whatever catches my eye. Twenty-somethings, get ready for some trend spotting. Who knows? You might snag a new Friday night restaurant out of it, maybe grab a handpicked novel for your flight, or return the favor with some recommendations of your own.


I like to think a lot of stuff happens in my life. Hopefully this will provide long-term proof that I do things, and enjoy them enough to want to share them with y’all.


Where in the world do we wander, journey, travel? My wanderings are usually often, even if not very far, until I kick and scream my way back (albeit to a wonderful city, love you Boston) wishing for just another chance to travel.


Ramblings, thoughts, word vomit. Whatever you want to call it, I’m happy to get lost in my thoughts and bring them back to the surface just to have you say, “Why are you even thinking about that?” I don’t know, I’m just thinking. That’s what I do.